Le Pont by Takuji Kamio

Takuji Kamio Portrays The Le Pont Multifunctional Cafe

Takuji Kamio, the creator of the highlighted project Multifunctional Cafe by Takuji Kamio explains, The design was inspired by a phrase; people have built too many walls but not enough bridges. At the entrance, visitors may recognize a white bridge a <Cropped>

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Award Winning Ttmm For Pebble Watchfaces Apps

Albert Salamon Spotlights The Ttmm For Pebble Watchfaces Apps

Albert Salamon, the lead designer of the awarded project watchfaces apps by Albert Salamon explicates, TTMM is a 130 watchfaces collection dedicated for Pebble 2 smartwatch. Specific models show time and date, week day, steps, activity time, distan <Cropped>

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Co-Living Apartment by Daga Architects

Daga Architects Portrays The Grinding Factory 5lmeet Co-Living Apartment

DAGA Architects, the author of the awarded work Grinding Factory 5Lmeet - co-living apartment by DAGA Architects demonstrates, The design is located in the Hutong area in Beijing, also wants to integrate this historical Hutong culture with a new des <Cropped>

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Award Winning Inzone Shopping Mall

Shen Junwei Illustrates The Inzone Shopping Mall

Shen Junwei, the architect of the award winning work inzone by Shen Junwei explains, this project is implemented with the historical gene of located area.to dig into the Special cultural advantages belong to this project energize and signifies the sp <Cropped>

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Shower Head:drop by Yuhsien Lin Design Studio

Yuhsien Lin Design Studio Designs The Drop Shower Head

Yuhsien Lin Design Studio, the creator of the awarded work Drop by Yuhsien Lin Design Studio illustrates, The basic geometric shapes of drop and circle have merged in the DROP shower into a form language of expressive distinction. Balanced proportion <Cropped>

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Stool by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Shows The Spirit of Time Stool

The designer of the displayed design Stool by Acclaimed Designer spells out, Spirit of Time explores an intimate fusion between diversity, as a concept, and performance, as an application. Based on intricate and delicate forces between the concept an <Cropped>

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Residential House by Yingfan Zhang and Xiaojun Bu

Yingfan Zhang and Xiaojun Bu Demonstrates The Mini Utopia Residential House

Yingfan Zhang and Xiaojun Bu, the project leader of the highlighted design Residential House:Mini Utopia by Yingfan Zhang and Xiaojun Bu points out, The living room was retained to the greatest extent. Space for storage and space for human activity a <Cropped>

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Aijaz Hakim Architect's Peacock Woods Villa

Aijaz Hakim Architect Creates The Peacock Woods Villa

Aijaz Hakim Architect, the designer of the displayed project Peacock Woods - Villa by Aijaz Hakim Architect points out, Family history inspired the architects to make this project with a unique character. A modern and resort like home. The project <Cropped>

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Yi-Chung Chen & Ya Li Lu's The Wisdom Everywhere Public Space

Yi-Chung Chen & Ya Li Lu Creates The The Wisdom Everywhere Public Space

Yi-Chung Chen & Ya Li Lu, the lead designer of the awarded work Public Space by Yi-Chung Chen & Ya Li Lu illustrates, Distinguished from the contemporary architectural space full of machines components, the guests’ room, behind the lobby, r <Cropped>

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Cactus Glass by Miguel Silva

Miguel Silva Creates The Cactus Glass Alcohol Glass

Miguel Silva, the author of the award winning design Alcohol Glass by Miguel Silva explains, Cactus glass is made of ceramic with a matte color glaze finish, designed to create a ludic sensorial experience, and thanks of its starting point of inspira <Cropped>

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