A Fashion Brand’s Chain Store by Lam Wai Ming

Lam Wai Ming Spotlights The Trend Platter a Fashion Brand’s Chain Store

Lam Wai Ming, the author of the award winning project Lam Wai Ming's Trend Platter a fashion brand’s chain store illustrates, As a brisk illustration of the brand’s features of “variety” and “mix-and-match”, “Trend Platter” brings out the brand’s accent via a wide variety of trendy design styles ranging from classical and vintage to modern and minimal. The vaulted ceiling in black presents fashion in a classical way while the checkered floor gives a vintage look. The white area shows minimalistic simplicity, while the modern zone is filled with the cool black and metallic colours. The custom-designed backgrounds of different styles are a creative approach to highlighting the trait of the brand..

A Fashion Brand’s Chain Store by Lam Wai Ming Images:

VIA: http://competition.adesignaward.com/design.php?ID=23732

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